Best Mens Ski Pants: No More Freezing Legs

Best Mens Ski Pants: No More Freezing Legs
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What makes the best mens ski pants? Does it have something to do with style or is it about being comfortable? Either way, we will all agree that wearing the proper ski pants on our next trip is crucial because the ski pants can either help or hinder your legs.

If you think about it, ski pants are not just like any other jeans or pants. They can serve as a protective layer against the harsh environment while you are skiing.

At the same time, they should also have the proper fabric and fit so that they will not just slip off while you are speeding away through icy slopes. Needless to say, finding that balance of comfort, style, and functionality can be hard to come by.

That is why we are going to look at three men's ski pants. We'll talk about their features as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using them. Accordingly, we are going to pit them against each other to see which one you should consider buying for your next ski trip.

Best Mens Ski Pants: The Contenders

1. Arctix Men's Mountain Ski Pants: Never Get Cold

We are starting off with ski pants that assure you that you will not freeze your butt while skiing. It is made of 100% dobby shell polyester and has thermal tech insulation that will help you stay warm but not feel the weight of the pants.

The Arctix Men's Mountain Ski Pants can keep you warm from -20° up to +35°. There is also a 600 Denier Ballistic that reinforces the hem guards, scruff, and ankle, so it is protected against regular wear and tear. Additionally, the waistband is adjustable so that you can have a comfortable fit.

Further, it has boot zippers so that you can easily take your boots on and off. Other than that, it has an O-ring to hang your gloves, keys, etc., and most importantly, it has boot gaiters that have grippers. This multi-layered construction will surely keep you warm while keeping the moisture out.


  • Durable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Keeps you warm but not hot
  • Well-made, intact stitching
  • Has a modern slim fit
  • Stays on even during heavy physical activity
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Looks nice


  • Sizes run small around the waist
  • Snaps can easily come undone
  • Can be too long for shorter people even with the right size
  • The zippers may break easily.

2. Columbia Men's Slope Style Ski Heat Pants: Versatility at its Best

Moving on to another pair of ski pants, we now have something that boasts about how versatile it is. It does not only insulate your legs properly, but it is also all about functionality. These pants are breathable and waterproof, so surely, you can use them when you go skiing.

The exterior is fully seam sealed. This also helps with heat keeping. At the same time, it also has an Omni-heat thermal reflective lining, and the function of this is to regulate the current temperature in your legs.

Additionally, it has an internal gaiter for the legs, articulated knees, reinforced cuff guards, and leg venting. These features will make sure that these pants or the things that you hung on it will stay on as you do your ski routine. Lastly, its waist tabs are adjustable and the hand pockets have zippers on them.


  • Size chart is accurate
  • Can keep you warm in negative degrees weather
  • Has a lot of pockets
  • The Velcro snaps hold well against pressure.
  • Does not constrict movement
  • Extremely waterproof
  • Well made
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Can be a little baggy
  • Not that stylish
  • Boots can sometimes get snagged
  • Does not have buttons
  • Imprint on the fabric wrinkles

3. Clothin Men's Fleece-Lined Ski Cargo Pants: Casual Style

The last ski pants that we are going to talk about do not really look like ski pants. A quick look at them and you might think that these are just regular cargo pants, but looks can really be deceiving since if you do wear these out in hot weather, your legs will bathe in sweat in no time.

These pants which have a soft shell interior are weather and wind resistant. It means that they can repel water from light rains and snow. Do not fret as this does not mean that the fabric is not breathable.

The Clothin Men's Fleece-Lined Ski Cargo Pants' microfleece lining helps in insulation as it will keep you warm but not trap in the moisture. As for functionality, it has two hand pockets that are zippered and two side and back Velcro pockets.

In terms of the waist and belt loops, they are also adjustable and made of partial elastic. At the same time, it dries fast and resists any wrinkling. Also, it does not make any sound while you move and can retain your body heat for a long time.


  • Look great
  • Has a nice modern fit
  • Can keep you warm
  • Velcro pockets are secure
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Hs a lot of pockets
  • Does not wrinkle easily


  • Outer material can stretch too much
  • Can get snagged in a lot of areas
  • Not that durable
  • High waist style is not for everyone
  • Will get soaked when there is too much water or ice
  • Tricky to get the right size
  • Length can be too long for some people

Which is the Best One?

For us, the best mens ski pants are the Arctix Men's Mountain Ski Pants. We picked this one because it is really perfect for skiing. Just like what we mentioned, there should be a balance when it comes to its feel, style, and functionality.

As for this pair of ski pants, although it is not that stylish, it still balances the scale due to its ability to keep you warm. Not only that, you can easily move in these pants. In short, you do not have to think about your pants going down your waist or snagging into anything, so you can just concentrate on your ski drills.

On the downside, it does need a lot of improvement when it comes to its snaps and zippers.  However, these problems can be averted by just replacing them. Other than that, you have yourself a good pair of ski pants.

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