Puuyfun Men’s Ski Pants Review

Puuyfun Men's Ski Pants Review
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What do you look for in ski pants? Are you just concerned with them being waterproof? Having proper insulation? How about comfort? What if we tell you that you can have all those things, but at the same time you can look good. Will you believe us?

The Puuyfun Men's Ski Pants is marketed as such. Thus, we are going to review it in detail and compare it to another ski pants to really know if it is just all talk and no performance. Will you own the sleekest ski pants? Or is it just better to stay with baggy ones?

Puuyfun Men's Ski Pants

This pair of ski pants' claim to fame is not actually being the best ski pants, but being the sleekest pair of ski pants in the market. We are not only talking about the looks but the functionality as well.

If this pair of pants can live up to its claim, it might just be the best pair of ski pants as it can do all the things that regular ski pants can do but still looking cool. With that said, we are going to look at its features as well as the pros and cons of wearing these pants.


Let us start discussing the main selling point of these pants which are the aesthetics. For sure, if you are going to wear these out to a party, no one can ever tell that you are wearing ski pants because the lines and default fit that it has resembled that of slim-fit jeans.

It comes in three colors which are black, light gray, and dark gray. Within these three colors, there are also slight variations, so technically, it has six colors in total. Further, it has two front pockets which have zippers on them and one back pocket.

A cool thing about its pockets besides them being capable of warming your hands is that they have an additional flap which can then hide the pockets to have a sleeker look. As for its material, it is made of 8% spandex and 92% polyester. You can also adjust the fit to your preference because it has an adjustable waistband.

It also has an o-ring so that your keys, gloves, etc. have a safe place on your pants. As for the main fly, it has a concealed zipper that leads to a hook-and-eye instead of a button. It is also windproof and has a coating that is water resistant.

Therefore, if snow or water gets on the pants, they do not absorb them, instead, you can easily flick them off. More than that, its fleece lining will help you stay warm and comfortable. All these features make it perfect for hiking, climbing, skiing, winter outdoor camping, mountaineering, cycling, fishing and walking.


  • Size chart is spot on
  • Not bulky
  • Can fit perfectly over the boot
  • Looks nice
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Does not insulate so much that you sweat
  • Stays dry when exposed to a little amount of water
  • Does not have weird sounds while walking
  • Does not wrinkle easily
  • Breathable
  • Well made as the stitching remains intact
  • Extremely windproof
  • Easy to wash


  • Legs are longer than regular ski pants
  • Cannot repel a lot of water or snow
  • The zippers can pop out.
  • Unsecure main clasp mechanism
  • The design itself might not fit all body types.
  • Snag-prone material


The Puuyfun Men's Ski Pants is probably the most stylish ski pants that you will ever find, but do not let its good looks distract you from its great wind-proofing features. If ever you will brace against strong winds, you will not worry about your legs as they might not even feel the pressure.

On the other hand, although it can repel water, it still cannot be treated as waterproof. Nevertheless, it does make it easier for you to brush away a bit of snow or water. Other than that, all your valuables will not be visible even if you are carrying them with you because the design of the ski pants was made not to look bulky.

Comparison with the Anlamb Men's Outdoor Winter Pants

If there is a pair of ski pants that can combat the sleek look of the Puuyfun Men's Ski Pants, it is the Anlamb Men's Outdoor Winter Pants. If you put them side by side, you might not just be able to tell them apart because their design is so similar. In fact, they just differ in color.

That said, we really cannot compare them best on how they look. Instead, we will look at the performance of the one from Anlamb. Let us first look at its windproofing capability. In that aspect, it can also protect your legs against strong winds and the moisture that comes with it.

As for being waterproof, it is just like the one from Puuyfun wherein it can only repel water, snow, or dirt. It also has zippered pockets, with one zipper having an o-ring, but the stitching is not so good. The same goes with the zippers as they can easily break off.

Probably the biggest downside of the ski pants from Anlamb is the fact that their sizing is way off. Yes, they do have a size chart, but the way that the ski pants themselves were made is very awkward. It can fit your waist but it can be tight at the crotch area or too long for the legs.

It does have an adjustable waistband, but it is not enough to make up for the awkward way that some parts of the ski pants were made.


The Puuyfun Men's Ski Pants beats its competition in a huge way. Seriously, what is the point of having ski pants that look great but do not fit well? It will only prove to be a nuisance while you are skiing, right?

The Puuyfun Men's Ski Pants might not be the best when it comes to dealing with huge amounts of water and snow, but still, you can wear this pair of pants comfortably while looking so sleek.

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