Why Do Ski Pants Have Suspenders?

Why Do Ski Pants Have Suspenders?
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Suspenders are the kinds of accessories that your grandfather used to wear during those old days. They are often thought of as old-fashion. But did you know that they are still very useful and can even add flair to recent fashion trends? To add, have you ever thought why do ski pants have suspenders?

Ski pants are a particular design of ski suit worn over the rest of the clothes when snowboarding or skiing. As called salopettes, ski pants are typically made in the color and fabric similar to the ski jacket. They are intended to keep you warm, comfortable, and dry while you’re on the slopes.

It is important that ski pants keep you warm while you are in action on the slopes. You don’t want to feel uncomfortably trembling during your ski performance. Skiing is fun and challenging sports. Also, ski pants protect you from potential dangers and accidents.

Why Do Ski Pants Have Suspenders?

Ski pants come in different types and shapes: slim, relaxed, and regular. Sometimes, though, ski pants become a little big for you; it is either you’ve bought a bigger size, or you’ve lost weight. This is why it is important to choose a high-quality pair. Good thing, some ski pants come with suspenders.

Suspenders are built in some ski pants to prevent the pants from falling down, to keep warmth in, and to stop snow from getting inside. Removable suspenders allow you to remove them from the ski pants on the days you do not want to utilize them.

On the other hand, non-removable suspenders are fixed in pants permanently to a longer front bib panel to make sure that the snow doesn’t get inside.

What Are the Benefits of Suspenders?

Suspenders have other benefits aside from preventing the ski pants from falling down. They are very useful in different working environments. Lumberjacks wear them, southern men use them, and even Santa Claus benefits from them.

Here are the general benefits of suspenders:

1. Suspenders add style to a wardrobe.

Does your wardrobe look a little boring and needs a little oomph? Well, suspenders can add life to your style. Although it is an old kind of accessory, it does not make you look like you come from a 1940s movie. It has a timeless aspect that can match modern outfits.

Suspenders are also a must-have accessory for formal wears such as tuxedos. As long as you know how to pair them with your wardrobe, you won’t go wrong with suspenders. Avoid wearing them while also wearing a belt or make sure that you wear them with trousers that don’t have belt loops.

2. Suspenders keep the pants at waist level.

Belts keep the pants from falling down, but it makes the tummy hang over it. This is especially annoying for people with large body size. In contrast to belts, suspenders keep the pants at the waist level, hence hiding the embarrassing belly. Suspenders make your look better by preventing the belly hang over a belt.

3. Suspenders keep up with changing fit.

There are times in your life that your pants get a little huge on you. Some people deal with it by clinching the pants with a belt. However, doing so won’t look good.

Suspenders hold the pants when they hang loosely around the waist. It appears as if nothing holds the pants. For women, suspenders prevent dressy tops from getting huddled up in the pants.

How to Buy Ski Pants

There are some factors that you should consider when you buy ski pants. The following is a guideline on choosing the best ski pants that will best fit your needs and comfort:

  • Choose the right type of ski pants.

Ski pants are made differently to match the kind of skiing that you will be doing. They can also be made of various materials and fabric that delineates the feel, waterproofness and look of the ski pants.

Basically, there are three types of ski pants: softshell ski pants, insulated ski pants, and shell ski pants.

  1. Softshell ski pants are highly breathable and provide more freedom of movement. They are made from soft, woven fabric that swirls more than other types of fabric. However, these types of ski pants are not usually waterproof, so they are more suitable during dry conditions.
  2. Insulated ski pants are made from a waterproof outer layer and an insulated inner layer. They are suitable during the cold winter season, but they can be quite heavy depending on the number of grams they are measured and the warmth they can provide.
  3. Shell ski pants are slightly insulated, waterproof, windproof, and very breathable. They allow for more mobility but are not as warm as insulated ski pants.
  • Make sure that the ski pants comfortably fit.

It is important the ski pants are not too tight or too loose. Too tight ski pants restrict your movements, while too loose ski pants mean that you have to pull them up constantly. Wearing ski pants that don’t comfortably fit you redirects your focus from skiing.

Choose waistbands that can be adjusted based on the layers that you wear and your body size. Suspenders are a good consideration too. They secure the ski pants and hold them for you.

  • Check for the useful features.

Ski pants can come with various features depending on the brand and style. One of the useful features is the integrated snow gaiters located below the leg opening of the ski pants. It usually comes in zippers, Velcro, or poppers to prevent the snow from getting inside especially when you fall over.

Reflectors are a feature that provides visibility so other skiers and rescuers can see you when you get caught in an avalanche. The knee part may also have extra fabric to make it reinforced and add flexibility and longevity to the ski pants. Pockets give you a little room where you can place your stash whenever you are out on the slopes.

Final Words

Ski pants are vital suits for skiing. It provides protection against the cold and potential accidents. Suspenders are accessories worn to hold the pants and prevent them from falling down. With this logical idea, you would no longer wonder, “Why do ski pants have suspenders?”

Suspenders are one of the most useful features to consider when buying ski pants. Other features include pockets, snow gaiters, reinforced knees, and more.

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